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Visit Transylvania. The land beyond the forests. Beyond your expectations.

Three reasons why you should visit Transylvania

by Ruxandra Stoian

Known as Dracula’s land, the Carpathian Mountains hide a beauty that can only be revealed when you visit Transylvania.

Romania is a very complex country, with beautiful landscapes and rural villages that keep the traditions alive. You can discover the mystic stories in the everyday activities of the Romanian villagers. From spiritual beliefs, until cultural events, this side of the world is full of captivating people showing their real talent.

A trip on this side of Romania is a journey in places, where the time stood still.

On the other side, the festivals and the interesting events from Sibiu, combine the rural life with the urban way of living. This way, every tourist can find his place, either on the peaceful mountains and villages, or in the captivating medieval cities.

Here are the top reasons why you should take a trip and visit Transylvania:

  1. The captivating decorations and the rural traditions

The traditional clothes that are sewed manually with lovely patterns and the handmade furniture are very specific in this zone.

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The Saxon furniture is still very popular among the vintage houses or the castles that can visited regularly. Painted with multicolored flowers and geometric elements, this furniture has a tradition starting with the 15th century. The picture above was taken in one of our apartments that can be rented in Sibiu on a daily basis.

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The everyday activities around the house, from agriculture, to painting the exterior of the houses can be watched by every tourist.

  1. The fortresses and the castles among the mountains

Medieval citadels, intriguing castles and fortresses still rule the Transylvanian cities. Build form the 14th century, this beautiful castles have a powerful history to tell.

visit transylvania bran castle

If you visit Transylvania, you’ll discover the medieval architecture and the vintage elements that still stand proud over the years. The artistic masterpieces from the Bran Castle, the Peles Castle, the Karolyi Castle can be visited every day. The fortifications from cities like Sighisoara, Sibiu or Brasov can be admired even from a short trip.

visit transylvania viscri

The churches (Viscri Church, the Black Church from Brasov) and the fortifications around tell a story of war and peace, that still catches your attention.

  1. The natural landscapes and the lakes

A wild landscape in the Carpathian Mountains is an invitation to every tourist willing to blend in to the wilderness of the forests. The brown bear, the bison reservation, the black goats and other animals can be seen in the depth of the forest.

visit Transylvania- sibiu

The Red Lake, the Brasov’s meadow, the ski slope from Ranca, Sarmisegetusa Regia with its ancient ruins and many others are some of the greatest attractions in Transylvania.

visit transylvania landscape

Pick a pleasant accommodation in Sibiu and set your visiting objectives after your own desire. Start a fulfilling journey in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains and visit Transylvania and its tremendous beauty!