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Discover the best festivals and events in Sibiu

by Ruxandra Stoian

Located at the heart of Transylvania, this urban fortress will get your attention with the best festivals and events in Sibiu.

The medieval architecture and the classic arrangement from Sibiu (also known as Hermannstadt) give a pleasant vibe to every tourist. Whenever you visit Transylvania, you get the feeling that you’re in a time capsule.

Beautiful landscapes with hospitable guests and traditional activities lay all around the Carpathian Mountains. Keeping the same atmosphere, the festivals and events in Sibiu are based on the history of Transylvania. 

What festivals and events in Sibiu can I go to?

The notorious story of count Dracula is resurrected in the art festivals and cinematic shows organized in Sibiu. The movie projections in this medieval city are some of the touristic attractions in Romania.

When this modern culture collides with the mystic stories, the results are remarkable.

festivals and events in sibiu- full moon
Photo by Ionut Rusu

Some of the most popular events regarding the cinematic interests are: The Film Festival and TIFF Sibiu. Keeping the same catchy atmosphere, you can also attend to Astra Film Festival or The Full Moon – Horror and Fantastic Film Festival from Biertan.

festivals and events in sibiu-tiff sibiu
Photo by Dragos Dumitru

The central plaza from Sibiu is also the host from two important touristic spots: The Brukenthal palace and the Liar’s bridge.

Another art that can be seen on these beautiful festivals and events in Sibiu is of course, the musical one. With a diverse repertory, the music festivals are full of talented people and catchy shows.

Visit Transylvania keeps you updated with the upcoming events. This way you’ll find the best musical events that can’t be missed.

Here are some interesting festivals: The International Theater Festival, a 25-hour non-stop theater festival or Sibiu Jazz Festival. With a captivating sound, Mosaic Jazz Festival and Armania can’t be missed. Stair Festival, Holzstock are also beautiful events full of color and talented people. For the tourists who are in love with the classical music, there are also good choices. They can attent to events like The Enescu Sibiu Festival, Classical Music Festival Clara Haskil and Classics for Pleasure.

Inspired by the Germanic roots, Sibiu is the host of some appealing food festivals and beer crafting events.

festivals and events in sibiu- craft beer
Photo by Hila Tibi

The local architecture completes the decorations of these festivals in a natural manner.

Close to some of the best accommodation in town, the center of Sibiu is one of the main attractions in Transylvania.

A journey on this side of Romania is an invitation to the culture and history, where story tales come to life.

Find out more about these lovely festivals and events in Sibiu on our website, made especially for Transylvania.